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Webspace Hosting

Website planning also includes considering the webspace hosting that will be required for the website. This stage of website planning would look at webspace hosting packages available, webspace features required and available with each hosting package and a look at what webspace traffic is expected.

What Type of Webspace Hosting Package do I Need?

Webspace Hosting Package

  • How much webspace hosting is going to be needed?
  • Are you going to use a lot of graphics?
  • How many pages is the website going to have?
  • How much webspace is required for any databases or other website technologies?

All of these questions relate to how much webspace hosting will be required. If you are using a lot of graphics these will take up a lot of space.

When selecting a webspace hosting package select one that meets the needs of the website with potential to grow. Once you have out grown your current less costly hosting package you can always upgrade.

Webspace Features

What webspace features do you need available with your webspace?

  • Databases permitted? How many?
  • Shopping cart feature included?
  • What other website technologies and webspace features you have chosen to use are available?

Some of the webspace features chosen maybe included at one webspace host but either not available with the webspace hosting package or require an extra charge.

Webspace Traffic

To accurately assess the success of the website, you will need some website statistics to look at.

  • What webspace traffice statistics are available?
  • Does the host provide enough information to analyse the website’s performance or will you have to find a third party to collect this information?

How much webspace traffic are you expecting?

Each hosting package includes a certain amount of traffic (the amount of visitors your site receives). This webspace traffic would also include any files that visitors download.

Your webspace hosting costs are influenced by all of the above and need to be coordinated with what your target audience expects, the website technologies you decided to use and your website budget.

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