• Simple WordPress website = $599, using the Divi theme (which includes nearly 200 different business layout packs) or other themes as you prefer.

This would include

    • Installation of WordPress and basic free plugins, plus the Divi theme
    • Home page with simple slider/banner
    • About us page
    • Services (up to 3 total service pages)
    • Contact us page w/form
    • FAQ or Privacy Policy page
    • Images from free site or client-provided – and I will size and optimize – 10 max. images.
  • eCommerce site = $975.00, includes all the above, plus product category listings, product detail pages, product reviews, cart, checkout, and account “dashboard”  page – using the WooCommerce add-on.  (SAMPLE product entry included.  Full product entry will be by client or $40/hour charge.)
  • Economy site = $299.00, includes a WordPress blog only + contact form $299.00 (SAMPLE blog entry included.  Blog posts by client or $40/hour charge.)
  • Custom site = Corporate extranets, other websites where database connection is crucial – expert development, using Classic ASP, plus database, at $45/hour.

For any of the above WordPress solutions, extras can be added, at $60/each:

  • Blog
  • News
  • Event calendar
  • Google maps
  • Additional/more complex sliders
  • Gallery/portfolio

Clients will need to provide

  • Hosting
  • Domain namec
  • SSL certificate
  • Stock images or private images
  • All text content for content pages