Search Engine Optimization

What IS “Search Engine Optimization?”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of designing, writing, coding, programming, and scripting your entire Web site so that there is a good chance that your Web pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords. Advantage Web Solution uses proven and ethical search engine optimization (SEO) to rank your Web site at the top positions for your specific keyword phrases. All the techniques used by Advantage Web Solution to design and develop web sites are done in a search engine friendly manner. Advantage Web Solution prides itself in building modern dynamic web sites that are incredibly favorable by search engines.

Monitoring Google 24/7 for major changes in website status – a change greater than 5 is immediately investigated, and often indicates a change to the ranking algorithm:

Advantage Web Solution employees are all knowledgeable in all search engine optimization techniques providing our clients with a completely optimized site from day one.

Our SEO Strategy

  • Clean up all meta tags (image alts, page title, meta descriptions)
  • add heading hierarchy
  • add landing pages optimized for each keyword
  • add internal links to those optimized landing pages
  • add resources for customer retention
  • simplify navigation to resources & contact
  • speed up site especially optimize images
  • quality backlinks
  • on WordPress sites:
    • add Yoast index to media
    • add optimized attachment pages
    • add all “update services” to the writing preferences

See sample reporting at ProRankTracker